Listed Building Repairs in Dorking, Horley, Surrey and West Sussex | Located in Reigate

The repair and restoration of listed buildings is an area where we have a keen interest, and genuine pride and passion for the work that we do. Naturally, listed building repairs need careful management to ensure the fabric of the property is never damaged and that our workmanship meets all aesthetic and structural requirements. Green Building Contractors is a specialist in the field of property refurbishment and can deliver a sensitive and sympathetic service where repairs to listed and historic builds are undertaken with care.

This is a service we offer in Reigate, and in all surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas to include Dorking, East Grinstead, Guildford and Horley.

We have a team of highly talented builders and craftsmen who are proficient in meeting the rigorous standards associated with listed building repairs and conversant with all regulatory requirements from building control.

This is an especially important consideration because listed properties can be far below the fire, safety and sound standards demanded by local authorities but our proven track record in high-end renovation work is a testament to the skills and knowledge of the team we have put together for these projects.

Our skillsets include restoration and reclamation, so we can safely refurbish or replace oak beams, stonework, roof slates and leadwork using a range of traditional techniques. One of the most challenging aspects of listed building repairs is sourcing materials to match the aesthetics of the property.

Greens Building Contractors combines the benefits of 21st century innovation without compromising the original characters of historic buildings.

This is a service we can offer to:

  • Private Listed Building Owners
  • Heritage Organisations
  • Local Authority Bodies
  • Parishes and Councils
  • Commercial Organisations
  • Government Organisations

Please contact us to arrange a prompt consultation and survey, which will be the basis of a quotation that we present with full labour and material costs.

Restoring the Charm of Listed and Historic Buildings

If the amount of work needed to repair or restore listed buildings is considered minor, the project won’t necessarily require any approvals from your nearest local authority. For major renovations, however, the appropriate permissions must be in place before our builders and craftsmen can begin work. Should you need our advice on planning permission, we will happily lend you the knowledge we have built to support your application to building control.

At Greens Building Contractors, we have a responsibility to preserve the UK’s architectural culture. We can only achieve this by being vigilant with our surveys, passionate about our work and committed to the needs of any client who has trusted our company to undertake their listed building repairs.

Our services include:

  • The completion of general maintenance and repairs
  • Restoring original appearances through restoration
  • Sourcing reclaimed materials to match the building
  • Brass, bronze and patination restoration work
  • Repair and restoration of historic window frames
  • The maintenance and repair of leaded lights
  • Restoration of oak beams and timber framework
  • Replacements to match roof slates and leadwork
  • Restoring and repairing laylights and roof lanterns
  • Brickwork, blockwork and stonework restoration
  • Gate, shutter, railing and architectural metalwork
  • Interior and exterior decorative restorations

If you need Greens Building Contractors for listed building repairs in Reigate, the surrounding Dorking, East Grinstead, Guildford and Horley areas, or in any location across Surrey and West Sussex, we would be privileged to talk to you about your project and to help you get it off to the best possible start.

Experience in refurbishment, restoration and renovation work gives the client a perfect foundation for repairs to historic buildings from any era.

For listed building repairs in Reigate and the surrounding Dorking, East Grinstead, Guildford and Horley areas, call our dependable builders on 0783 654 3485.