Property Extensions and Garage Conversions in Horley | Energy Efficiency in Building Work

Any build that undergoes design and construction in a way that minimises the use of natural resources is referred to as energy efficient. Normally applied to new builds which reduce electricity, gas and water wastage, energy-efficient builds understandably use less energy and produce much less by way of pollution. It is also possible to make existing homes more efficient. Reputable builders can construct energy efficient property extensions, loft conversions and garage conversions which bring down the cost of running a home.

Because we also trade as new home builders and commercial builders, our team can undertake eco-friendly property refurbishments and listed building repairs in a way that has a positive impact on Horley’s local environment.

When building a home extension in Horley, one of the main considerations is the use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Architects and designers can factor in solar panels to generate free electricity, gas boilers which run more economically for extended kitchens, insulation for the walls and the roof, and natural ventilation as an alternative to an air conditioning system.

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Things to Consider with Extensions and Conversions

In our capacity as builders, insulation is one of our primary considerations. By trapping air between the wall and the roof space using foam boards or cellulose, for example, insulation keeps property extensions cool during the summer but warmer in the winter. Our skilled personnel caulk all gaps to seal them, which stops cold air or heat from escaping the property.

We can do the same with loft conversions and garage conversions in Horley, and on property refurbishment projects and listed building repairs.

Double-glazed or triple-glazed windows with low U-values also make property extensions and conversions more energy efficient. These windows reduce heat transfer. Storm windows and solar screens are an option for those in areas which attract unusually hot temperatures at certain times of the year.

A new extension will have new windows fitted. Homeowners in Horley might also wish to consider replacing older windows at the same time. A new window will have completely new components whereas an older window may have cracked or damaged seals, or misting between the panes which indicates an air leak which will ultimately increase energy costs.

These are also considerations with property refurbishments and listed building repairs, and with loft conversions and garage conversions. New home builders and commercial builders have an obligation to use a sustainable approach to business and we are certainly no different in this respect.

How you plan to use an extension is entirely down to you, but many property owners will use a single-storey build as an extended kitchen. If you plan on doing the same, consider the most energy-efficient refrigerator, freezer, cooker and dishwasher you can afford. You may also wish to factor in utility-saving LED lighting beneath cabinets that sit over kitchen worktops.

Modern washing machines and dishwashers use far less water than older models. For cooking, induction cooktops are 84% efficient whereas gas cooktops are only 40% efficient. Electrical cooktops are 74% efficient.

What is abundantly clear is that we all have a part to play in making the planet greener for our future generations. By factoring energy efficiency into the design of property extensions, loft conversions and garage conversions, builders and contractors can lower carbon footprints in Horley. And, as a homeowner, you also benefit from more comfortable indoor temperatures and lower household bills. Any savings made could cover part of the cost of you using our general builders, new home builders and commercial builders.

Keep in mind that you can also fit out with smart control systems with property refurbishments and listed building repairs. These allow you to control the use of electricity, gas and water remotely from handheld devices. if you aren’t at home, you can still be part of an increasingly important sustainability culture.

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