Property Refurbishment in Reigate | Covering Dorking, Guildford and all Surrey and West Sussex Areas

If you own a property that is starting to look a little outdated or, worse still, if a home has fallen into disrepair or dilapidation, a property refurbishment could be the solution to your problems. Greens Building Contractors can refurbish anything from one room to an entire build, bringing the skillsets of our builders and accredited tradespeople to the project so, in a matter of weeks, you will feel the same love for your home as you did when you first bought it.

Located in Reigate, we cover all major areas in Surrey including Dorking and Guilford as well as Horley and the surrounding towns and villages. Our team also trades in West Sussex, including the East Grinstead area.

A property refurbishment breathes new life into tired, jaded homes with basic maintenance and repair work or, where needed, with upscaled building work that can include the remodelling of kitchens and bathrooms. A benefit of choosing our services is that we bring a full complement of manual trades to your project so, instead of having to find the personnel you need by talking to several companies, one call to Greens Building Contractors does it all.

We can refurbish properties of any kind including those in conservation areas, and our workforce specialises in listed building repairs.

Call to arrange a consultation, survey and quotation. We will come out to see you, assess the work needed and produce a specification that covers all the required services, complete with accurate labour and material costings.

Full and Partial Property Refurbishment

Based around your needs and requirements, and the condition of interior and exterior space, we can undertake full or partial property refurbishment work to bring your home back to a condition that preserves its value and, if you are having exterior work done, which will also add to its curb appeal. You can also use us for commercial refurbishments. The cost and the timescale will depend, of course, on how much work is involved in the project.

Single-room refurbishments can be completed within a day or two while full refurbishments can take anywhere up to 12 weeks for us to finish.

Typical phases of a property refurbishment include:

Weeks 1 to 2

Our builders and trades strip out the room space, including the kitchen and bathroom, in addition to the walls and ceilings. If required to, we can then build the timber framework to accommodate your new bathroom suite.

Weeks 3 to 4

Living space and bedrooms are boarded and then made good. At this stage of a refurbishment, we have the 1st-fix electrical, plumbing and heating work undertaken by professionals who are a part of our subcontractor network.

Weeks 5 to 6

With the 1st-fix phase complete, our builders move on with essential work for the interior and exterior, plastering the walls and the ceilings of any rooms being worked on, and applying a render to protect external brickwork.

Weeks 7 to 8

If you have requested a new kitchen or bathroom, we will fit the suite at this stage and then lay the flooring and tile these two rooms. At this point of the project, you will begin to see your property refurbishment taking shape.

Weeks 9 to 10

Our subcontractors start the 2nd-fix stage where the electrical, plumbing and heating utilities are connected and tested. Once commissioned, items like plug points, lighting, taps and radiators will be functional and ready to use.

Weeks 11 to 12

Flooring is laid in the rest of the property and the skirting boards fitted. At this point, we paint and decorate to give our refurbishment work an attractive finish then provide a walkthrough with the client before signing off the job.

No two property refurbishments are ever the same so, while the schedule we have detailed above is accurate for full projects, partial refurbishments scale down significantly based on the amount of work involved. Whatever it is that you need from Greens Building Contractors, and wherever in Dorking, East Grinstead, Guildford, Horley or Reigate that you happen to be, we will be there with you to help bring your home back to a perfect condition.

Keep in mind that refurbishments are less disruptive than major renovations. A property in significant dilapidation may require large-scale structural work and, in some cases, may need us to erect scaffolding and a temporary roof so that all areas remain accessible, but the interior stays dry and protected.

For property refurbishment in Reigate and the surrounding Dorking, East Grinstead, Guildford and Horley areas, call our dependable builders on 0783 654 3485.